Easter Seals Donation

Harvey’s Oil is pleased to present a cheque for $1,000 to Easter Seals NL. The proceeds come from the sale of the song “Warm Like Me” by The Once. Check out our warmest friends video and download the song “Warm Like Me” at www.warmestfriends.ca “Warm Like Me” is a song inspired by a young girl named … Continued

Mummers Parade

This year Harvey’s participated in our first Mummer’s Parade. What a great experience it was to see all the mummer’s who took part in the event and celebrated what it is to be a Newfoundlander! sharing the warmth To keep mummers warm and cozy, Harvey’s Home Heating served hot chocolate at the end of the … Continued

Sharing Harvey’s Warmth

Feb. 29 was one of those really cold days. There was no snow on the ground and everything was white from the salt. As my mother used to say “the wind would cut right through ya.” But we took a stroll on Water Street at lunchtime anyway to share a little warmth with our downtown neighbors.

The Church Lads Brigade

Since 1892 the CLB has been serving the needs of the provinces youth. From summer day camps to mission trips the CLB provides youth with quality extra-curricular activities. Teaching lessons that will give them a great head start on life.