Our customers are our warmest friends. So we brought some of them together.

Warmest Friends

A Message from Chris Forward General Manager

The Doucette family has been a Harvey’s customer for nearly 30 years, so when we heard about the grandbaby they’d hardly seen, and how they’d been missing their son and daughter-in-law, we knew we had to help our friends.

Many of us shed a few tears when we unveiled the surprise and I was so proud of our team, who even got together to cook the Thanksgiving dinner for the Doucette’s. (I might have had a plate myself while, I helped in the kitchen).

At Harvey’s, our customers mean a lot to us. We have long relationships with them and care about their satisfaction. We loved bringing this family back together. Hope you enjoy our video and take a moment to show thanks to one of your warmest friends.


I never thought a company would do something so nice for our family. Thank you for bringing us together.

– Mr Doucette