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For over 150 years, Harvey’s Home Heating has been there keeping local homes cozy. Now Newfoundland and Labrador’s longtime comfort and service experts are offering the province’s best mini-split solutions and maintenance plan! Take advantage of 3 Years interest-free (OAC) financing on mini-splits that are made for Newfoundland’s climate – and our industry-leading Mighty-Mini Maintenance plan! You’ll have the best home comfort along with Harvey’s second to none customer care!

we’ll be there

Harvey’s customers old and new, residential, or commercial can avail of this amazing offer that includes complete installation and 24/7 customer support. Choose from interest-free OAC financing and flexible payment options.
Then sign up for our Mighty-Mini Maintenance plan and never pay to repair or replace your mini-split again!

Why do all that? Because we’re Harvey’s. And when we say we’ll be there, we mean it.

It’s better than warranty! No Deductibles and No Hidden Fees!

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Made for performance in cold winter climates like Newfoundland’s, a Panasonic mini-split gives you control of your home’s comfort year-round and can lower your electricity bill too. Plus, every Panasonic mini-split installation with Harvey’s is performed by fully insured and certified Red Seal journeyman electricians and
HVAC technicians.

hassle-free ‘one bill’ installation?
we’re here for that too!

  • FREE In-home Estimate: A friendly, knowledgeable, Harvey’s representative will walk you through the process from assessment to available rebate options!
  • Quote/Financing Options: For decades Harvey’s in house credit team has offered flexible financing options and we are thrilled to be able to extend this to our mini-split offerings. Our credit team will work with you to develop a payment plan to suit any budget, with financing options up to 3 years 0% interest (OAC).
  • Installation: Harvey’s is renowned for its quality workmanship, rest assured that when the bonded and fully certified Harvey’s team completes any work on your property that it's done right the first time.
  • Mighty-Mini Maintenance Plan/Servicing: Harvey’s extends its industry-leading maintenance plans to mini-splits. Regardless of who installed your existing mini-split Harvey’s will insure it under our industry leading service plan and cover all repairs/maintenance - and even replace the unit if it cannot be repaired. You’ll never be burdened with having to pay to repair or replace your mini-split again!

NEVER pay to repair or replace
your mini-splits!


  • No deductibles or extra parts/labour costs
  • Your mini-splits serviced exclusively by Harvey’s Team
  • Unlimited in-home emergency service visits
  • Service also available for pre-installed mini-splits (any models)

No Charge Assessment!

Our Mighty-Mini Maintenance Plan is Harvey’s way of giving our warmest friends the comfort of never having to repair or replace your mini-split again!

Call (709)-726-1680 or email sales@harveyshomeheating.com to learn more and get Mighty-Mini Maintenance from Harvey’s!

we’re here! get in touch and get your mini-split!

With over 150 years of Harvey’s great service by your side, your mini-splits are in expert hands. Our highly trained staff are ready to answer any questions you have, so get in touch with us by calling (709)726-1680, emailing sales@harveyshomeheating.com, or by submitting the form below.


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    They might be mini, but the benefits are mighty! A mini-split heat pump is a small HVAC unit, connecting an outdoor compressor to an indoor unit, but without all the extra ductworks. With the power of two major appliances in one, these efficient little units are a great option if you’re looking for more control when heating and cooling your home. By installing multiple units, you can fine-tune the temperature of smaller sections of the house. With comfort control in the palm of your hand, you’ll waste less energy and save!

    At Harvey’s we want the best for our warmest friends, so we will primarily be installing Panasonic ClimaPure ductless mini-split systems. These Panasonic ductless mini-split systems are industry-leading and made for climates like ours here in Newfoundland, so you don’t have to worry!

    What makes Panasonic ductless mini-split units so special? In addition to great energy efficiency, ClimaPure™ XE ductless heating and air conditioning systems feature nanoe™ X — a built-in air and surface purification technology that provides a comfortable environment for occupants by reducing pollutants and odours. nanoe™ X penetrates deep into the fibers of carpets and furniture to inhibit pollutants and odours. Featuring whisper-quiet heating and cooling and advanced built-in air purification technology, the XE series sets a new standard for a comfortable indoor environment.

    A ductless mini-split system, in its most basic form, includes one outdoor unit and one indoor unit, connected by refrigerant tubing and electrical wiring. The indoor unit is often wall-mounted and delivers heated or cooled air directly into the living space – no ductwork needed.

    Harvey’s industry-leading Mighty-Mini maintenance is major peace of mind for owners of mini-splits, no matter what provider did the installing. You’ll never pay to repair or replace your mini-split, and with Mighty-Mini there are no deductibles or extra costs for parts or labour, and all service visits are carried out exclusively by the Harvey’s Team! It’s the 24/7 customer support you and your mini-splits deserve!

    The total cost for installation will be dependant on the number of units and compressors you choose, which is all covered by your 3-year, interest free plan! Harvey’s offers free assessments and quotes for all mini-split installations, so when you contact us, the final cost will be easy to provide.

    It’s easy! Harvey’s Mighty-Mini plan can be yours by simply reaching out to get started. Approval is a speedy process, just call 709-726-01680 or email sales@harveysoil.com to arrange your no-charge in-home assessment with a qualified Harvey’s representative!

    No, ductless mini-split systems are considered a secondary heat source and cannot be used as the only source of heat in your residence (as per NL home insurance regulations).

    This is a common misconception. While you should keep your mini-split clear of snow and ice, covering the unit will impact the airflow and efficiency. Make a habit of clearing snow off the unit after each major snowfall.

    While this may be factual for some places, our climate in Atlantic Canada is one of the best places for mini-splits, making them more than enough to keep your home’s temperature the way you like it!

    An annual preventative maintenance tune-up and the occasional servicing from our team should be enough to keep your mini-split in great working order for years!

    High Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) is a term used in the home heating and cooling industry to gauge your mini-split’s efficiency. The higher the HSPF, the more efficient your mini-split unit.

    COP stands for Coefficient of Performance – a measurement of the energy efficiency of your air conditioner’s heating performance.