Discover the Truth about Oil - Harvey's Home Heating

Making the right choice for your family primary objective of campaign

St. John’s, NL – An information campaign is sparking conversations about the choices your family has when it comes to heating your home.

“The Truth About Oil is about clearing up myths around heating your home,” says Chris Forward, General Manager at Harvey’s Home Heating. “With huge increases in the costs of electricity, home heating fuel is a smart choice for families in Newfoundland and Labrador.”

Oil has many benefits from heating homes and water more quickly, to the cost savings, especially in contrast to electricity. Mega project development and outdated equipment have been driving up electricity costs with another increase scheduled for this July.

“Harvey’s launched the campaign with the intent to start conversation and encourage people to really think about their options,” Forward says. “It’s not just about our customers saving money, it’s about everyone having the information needed to make informed decisions.”

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