A letter from Chris: What is a warmest friend? - Harvey's Home Heating

Recently, I received some kind words from one of our loyal Harvey’s Customers:

My favourite thing about being a Harvey’s Furnace Freedom customer is that they’re there for you no matter what. Like on New Year’s Eve 2016. Our carbon monoxide detector went off with my seven-month- and 22-month-old in the house. The fire department came and then the Harvey’s team got there. They were so quick that we rang in the new year in our basement with them as they replaced our furnace and made sure we were kept warm. What a gift that was! I’ll tell you, it sure made for a memorable New Year’s Eve. Harvey’s, you’ve got a friend in me!” — Katrina O’Keefe, Harvey’s Home Heating customer

We keep our friends close.

I just love hearing these kinds of stories. When you build honest relationships with your customers, it means they trust you to look out for them and do a good job. Each and every member of our amazing team is proud to be there for our customers across the Avalon, no matter what. Seriously — even if it’s the middle of the night in the dead of winter, we’re gonna be there for you. Knowing that we can give families like Katrina’s peace of mind is a really special thing close to my heart, and it’s why we do what we do.

What you mean to us.

At Harvey’s Home Heating, we know what it means to be a warmest friend. We get to know you and your needs. We know you by your first name, and you call us by ours. Whether it’s Danny, Dave, Tommy, Fred or any of our other fine folks helping you out, you can depend on them 24 hours a day. We take pride in what we do, and I guarantee we strive to be your warmest friend.

Furnace Freedom.

Furnace Freedom is our way of saying thank you to our loyal customers, our own warmest friends. You’ve trusted us to keep you warm for over 150 years, so we want to return the kindness. With Furnace Freedom, we make sure you never pay to repair or replace your furnace, and there are no deductibles or extra costs for parts and labour. We even throw in a periodic tune-up. With Furnace Freedom, you pay nothing, always.

Recently, we’ve wanted to tell a story as warm as Katrina’s — one that would move you. We’ve created a video series that shows just how committed Harvey’s Home Heating is to being your warmest friend. Here’s the first glimpse:

Here at Harvey’s Home Heating, we take pride in supporting all of our warmest friends. We ensure our services are accessible and accommodate everyone, regardless of their situation. We’d like to thank InclusionNL for helping us foster a more inclusive environment.

When you watch our videos, we hope that you — our friends and neighbours — feel our commitment to our customers and community.

To learn more, contact us anytime.

Warmest regards,

Chris Forward

(709) 726-1680