Mummers Parade - Harvey's Home Heating

This year Harvey’s participated in our first Mummer’s Parade. What a great experience it was to see all the mummer’s who took part in the event and celebrated what it is to be a Newfoundlander!

sharing the warmth

To keep mummers warm and cozy, Harvey’s Home Heating served hot chocolate at the end of the parade to go along with the countless Purity cookies. Seeing people of all ages dressed in their best sheets and plaid, laughing, and dancing while munching on jam jams, you really get the great sense of community that keeps our Newfoundland traditions alive.


Newfoundland Tradition

Mummering is a great Newfoundland tradition that started as a parade then in later years transitioned into house visits. Groups of mummers dress in their best to go door to door for the greatest kitchen party of the Christmas season. Make sure you don’t forget your ugly stick and spoons to get the kitchen party started.


What to Wear

The greatest part of the Mummers parade is that there is no right or wrong way to dress up. You can haul on mudder’s bra, stuff your underwear or leave your trap door undone. When going out mummering you want to make sure that you are unrecognizable, one tip is to grab an old pillow case and cut out a couple of eye holes.


Make sure to attend next year’s Mummer’s Parade where all mummers are ‘llowed in!