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Feb. 29 was one of those really cold days. There was no snow on the ground and everything was white from the salt. As my mother used to say “the wind would cut right through ya.” But we took a stroll on Water Street at lunchtime anyway to share a little warmth with our downtown neighbours.

A wonderful walk

We stopped in at Fog Town where some heads may have been a bit colder after their haircuts. We also pulled over a few cabs, ’cause waiting in the car can get chilly too! We took a few selfies along the way and surprised tourists and locals alike. We also gave some hats to those most vulnerable in our city.
It was a small act, but something we wanted to do to make the freezing day a little more bearable.

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For us, the smiles and thanks were worth every minute of the bitter cold. We’re so lucky to be part of this downtown community.
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Warm Regards,
Chris K. Forward